Friday, December 21, 2012


This week at the comic shop I picked up issues one and two of Comeback from Image Comics. Written and lettered by Ed Brisson, art by Michael Walsh and colored by Jordie Bellaire, this was a very pleasant surprise. First off, let me say that I am a sucker for time travel stories and Comeback is a good one.

Issue one starts off with what seems to be a kidnapping but is, in fact, two time travelers going back in time to bring a man into the future. It’s a mission that has horrible and grisly results. The two time travelers, Mark and Seth, work for Reconnect. Reconnect is a company that provides time travel services for a price. If the wealthy want to prevent a loved one from dying, they can pay millions to Reconnect to go back in time to save that family member. In issue one, Mark and Seth are tasked with saving a car accident victim. There’s also some doubt as to how legal this all is and just who has access to time travel technology. We also see another character in issue one, a mysterious man who also works for Reconnect who seems to be up to no good. In issue two we see that time travel has taken a heavy toll on Seth’s mental and physical health. He’s getting ready to retire. That is until a visitor from the future knocks on his door to tell Seth that the company he works for is up to no good. We also meet an agent for the police who investigates changes in time. It seems that Time Travel isn’t all that legal.

The first two issues of this new series was a lot of fun. It starts with a bang and then retreats a bit for some story set up. It’s not action packed but the story moves along at a nice, comfortable clip as characters are introduced and plots are set up. Even though we don’t get a whole lot of information about the characters, Brisson and Walsh give us a feel for who these characters are. Walsh’s art reminds me a little of David Mazzucchelli and David Aja. Jordie Bellaire does a nice job on colors, giving us some cold, icy light grays and muted greens and tans that make for eerie backgrounds that allow the characters to really pop. I also have to wonder if Brisson, Walsh and Bellaire are fans of the cult time travel film Primer. Comeback has a similar vibe as that very entertaining and underrated film. Like Primer, Comeback’s story and dialogue is smart and intriguing. I look forward to issue 3. 

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