Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Barbara Stanwyck month is coming to a close on Turner Classic Movies this week so I wanted to be sure to mention one of my favorite Stanwyck films, My Reputation (1946).  Stanwyck has said that this film was her personal favorite of all her films and it's easy to see why as she gives a fantastic performance.

Stanwyck is a newly widowed mother to two teen boys who have recently gone away to school. Alone, afraid and grief-stricken, she struggles with what to do next with her life. She leans on her best friend played by Eve Arden (unsurprisingly wonderful in this role) and chafes at her mothers (Lucile Watson) efforts to control her. She meets army major Brent and they start up an affair that quickly ignites gossip.

Stanwyck has an amazing scene with Arden when her grief and fear of a life alone causes her to have an emotional breakdown. She also has some fun moments as she awkwardly ventures into her romance with the jovial Brent. The movie culminates with a Christmas party where scandals are exposed and later on New Years Eve where all the drama comes to a head. Stanwyck is just wonderfully nuanced here. The movie skillfully avoids being sappy and instead comes off being very genuine. It's poignant, romantic, amusing and just plain entertaining. It’s a great film for the winter holidays and a must see for Stanwyck fans.

Turner Classic Movies will be showing My Reputation on December 27th at 10:00 AM.

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